Start / Enhancement of a Business in France

The attractiveness of France is strengthening and is well perceived by foreign companies. Moreover, the central geographical location of France in Europe offers privileged access to others countries in Europe but also Middle East and Africa.

In France, we are known for the incredible amount of paperwork we need to fill in. Therefore Almucantar had decided to help and support you in this difficult ordeal. But this is not our only skill.

One of our goal is to propose you a support to establish your business on French soil. Needless to say that numerous formalities need to be known when you are interested in a new market, as well as the upstream awareness of market culture. That’s why we are here: to deal with these specific steps, which can often be complex.

We turn opportunities into business and we guarantee you our help to put in place innovative marketing strategies to go into the French market. We work hand in hand to bring you the best of our market knowledge to make your project works.

We are a centralist that allows us to act as an intermediary between you and the French market. Our aim is to make the most important impact for your business. Thanks to our developed network of competent people, in various fields, we can put you in touch with them to follow you throughout your project.

We also take the time to study the individual case to give you a personalized and serious support. Our promise is to propose you a simple, complete, accessible and effective support throughout our work together.

=> We are a unique interlocutor with multiple skills.

Just call us! we’ll deal with the introduction of your company and your business Development

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